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What are Hybrid Eyebrows?

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

In the previous blog post, we have shared information about Microblading Eyebrows and we believe that you now have some clues! Today, we'll introduce another brow embroidery technique - Hybrid Eyebrows.

Hybrid Eyebrows are created in two steps, which are the combination of microshading and microblading. For those who hadn't read our previous blog post, microblading is a type of brow embroidery technique, which implants featherweight strokes on the brows, creating fine, realistic, and natural-looking hair strokes. On the other hand, microshading is done with a brow tattoo machine that adds the shadowy effect.

Before & After Hybrid Eyebrows

The hair strokes of Hybrid Eyebrows create a bushy brow effect, and the shading will be added on to give the body of the brows a fuller and darker look.

Now we know Hybrid Eyebrows are the combination of microblading and microshading. But, which one comes first?

Some of the artists choose to do strokes (microblading) first, and then add the shade (microshading). Some of them, on the other hand, prefer to start from the shading, and then the strokes on the rest of the brows. It all depends on the brow artistes and customer's preferences and it's important that the final result is satisfying.

Just like the other eyebrow embroideries, it will takes 3 to 7 days of healing process after the embroidery session. The healing process usually starts from the second to third day after the session.

Some brow care tips:

  1. Avoid water contact for the first 3 days. (Use cotton pads or sponges to gently remove the cleanser bubbles)

  2. Apply a very thin layer of the repair cream twice a day for the first 3-4 days. Use cotton buds to apply instead of using hands.

  3. Allow a natural peeling period of 7-10 days; Do not scratch or pluck during this time.

  4. Do not go exercise, sauna or spa for the first 3 days.

  5. For long term care, skincare, sunblock, foundation, and oil-based makeup remover must avoid eyebrows area to remain the vibrancy.

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Note: A single touch-up session is included with every brow embroidery service.

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