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How to differentiate Sparkle, Twinkle, and Thai Lash?

At Perky Lash, we have 8 different premium designs for Lash Extensions. Sometimes people feel overwhelmed when it comes to choosing certain lash designs. Here's three of the premium designs which are quite similar with each other, and we'll tell you how to differentiate them!

Sparkle Lash

The Sparkle Lash design stands out for its natural allure compared to the other two designs. Blending both thick and thin, long strokes, it achieves a graceful and organic blooming fan effect that enhances the eyes. It also imparts a subtle sparkle, reminiscent of a starry gaze.

It's also a natural version of Thai Lash!

Thai Lash

Thai Lash has a wispy, high-volume appearance with a striking spiked look. The spikes are notably wider when compared to Sparkle Lash, featuring thin lashes intricately placed between the gaps of these distinct spikes.

Twinkle Lash

Twinkle Lash is like wet lash with larger presence of lash bundles. the spikes are created by keeping the fan (almost) closed, making it looks bolder and exaggerated.

Do you know how to differentiate between Sparkle Lash, Thai Lash, and Twinkle Lash now? If you're still confusing about them, feel free to contact us to ask! You can also consult with your lash artistes on your appointment day. We're more than happy to help!

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