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Best Eyelash Extension Serangoon - Lashes Treatment Services

A lot of women don’t have extra time and skill to put on fake lashes or even apply mascara on a daily basis, and these are the reasons why eyelash extensions have increasingly become popular over time. Getting an eyelash treatment might just be the perfect choice you will have to make!

Our Serangoon Outlet

Excellent and high-quality treatment, ensuring the satisfaction of our clients.

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Eyelash Extension

Lash extension is easily customizable with a variety of curls and designs depending on your needs and preferences. Natural look with Gorgeous Unlimited Single Lash and opt for Party or Queen Volume for a more dramatic effect.


Collagen Lash Lift

Perky Lash offers Collagen Lash Lift, Keratin Tint & Semi Permanent Mascara Treatments to enhance your natural lashes.


Eyebrow Embroidery (Exclusively at our Serangoon Next Outlet)

Another best and most-wanted service is the powdered misty brow embroidery. Your eyebrows look natural; the whole procedure is painless and with zero downtime. It’s semi-permanent embroidery, creating a soft-powder-filled brow that looks like a fresh makeup look.


The tails of your brows are darker in color, which will then fade in a lighter shade going to the beginning part of your brow. If you want a highly defined and elegant look, this is the solution that’s best for you.


This is perfect for those who only have little to no eyebrows, creating a light to dark effect similar to a gradient-like outcome.


There are many variables in determining the type of eyebrow patterns, tone, and thickness that suits every individual. Whatever facial features you have, the technicians are trained and certified to identify the shape of your eyebrow that’s perfect for you!

Recommendations & Reviews

“The shop itself is so pretty and the staffs there are so friendly and warm-hearted!❤ they gave the best lash advice and provide excellent services as well. The whole 2 hours spent in there was so worthy and pleasant for me that I wanna recommend to everyone out there who are interested. 🥰 Thank you!” 💕 - Regina Ng

“I had a really great experience at Perky Lash!! My lash tech was Chloe and she’s really gentle with my eyes. Even added on the super bonded eyelash serum for my lash extensions to last longer. I’ve done my lashes somewhere else before and it was so uncomfortable I had to get it removed. However, Chloe was really good at her job and the lashes feels so comfortable and I really appreciate her recommending the right length and type of lashes for me. Thanks Chloe!” - Nicole Tan

“Visited Perky Lash for the first time and I was so impressed with how gentle the lash tech was with my delicate eye area. I felt so comfortable throughout the entire session. None of that painful eye poking or excessive pulling and tagging of my eyes. I was so relaxed I fell asleep and woke up to a beautiful set of new lashes! Definitely would recommend to my friends.” - Danielle Pereira

“Great svc, comfortable beds with plushy blankets. Tried their lash lift&tint svc. The lady who did for me is Jowen at Nex outlet, and she's so gentle with my lashes till I don't even know she's done placing my lashes on the rod and applied solution, I still kept asking her how come she never do the usual steps tt ppl do, she said she did already, I was like ' huh? Since when? How come I never felt it? ' 😂 recommended!” - Elaine Labbit Yeo

“Visited Nex branch after reading reviews on fave. Ying Ting attended to me and is really friendly and explained the different extensions. very gentle when doing the extension. Does not sting the eyes. extensions looks natural. Very pleased with result. :) recommended” - Jesslyn Sim

The Application Process of Lashes Extension 

The eyelash extensions are carefully applied one by one using semi-formulated glue that’s particularly made not to damage or irritate your natural lashes. They are only applied to your existing lashes and not directly to the skin. Here are the steps that you can expect:


  1. Evaluation – before the application begins, your technician will go through the details and the risks involved along with the benefits of having eyelash extensions. You will also be asked about the conditions that you may have, to ensure that having lash extensions are suitable for you.

  2. Choosing the curl strength and length – you will be asked by the type of look that you’re after. Would you like it more natural or glamorous? Based on your goal or the look you desire, you’ll be choosing the suitable strength and length for the lash extensions. However, bear in mind that your technician may use up to 3-4 types of lengths wherein they will be using longer extensions on your eye’s outer corners and shorter ones will be on the inner part of your eyes.

  3. The eye area will be cleansed – you will be laid down in a comfortable position. The eye area will be cleansed to remove dirt, any makeup, and oil, killing the germs at the same time.

  4. Tape and eye gels will be applied – your eyes will be closed for 1-2 hours or during the whole process of the eye extension application. Part of the preparation is putting under eye gel to the lower lash line area so that the lower lashes will be kept out of the way. The eye gels applied will then be secured using a medical-grade tape on both sides of your eyes. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt when it’s removed since the tape won’t be touching the lashes.

  5. Application time – the technician will dip the end of every lash extension in the glue by using tweezers which will then be applied to each of your natural lashes. Usually, one extension is placed in every natural lash but if you want a more voluminous look, it needs more extensions in each of your lashes. The application itself is not painful, but some other people get anxious because of the tweezers near their eyes.

  6. Drying period – the glue usually dries quickly, but you will need to sit for 10 minutes after the application. Some lash technicians may use handheld fans to help it dry quickly while others let it air dry. Your eyes are still closed during this period.

  7. Tape and Gel removal – once they are dry; the gels and tapes are removed with extra precaution since there are people who are sensitive during this process. Your lashes will be brushed using a spooly. You can open your eyes slowly, and you’re done!

Eyelash Options, Lengths, Volume and Thickness

Lash extension treatment is a great way to accentuate your eyes, getting rid of tedious fake lashes application and mascara each day. You have different options on the treatment services that salons provide and you can discuss with your stylist to get that perfect look that you always wanted.


Common Types of lash extensions include:

  1. Synthetic

  2. Silk

  3. Mink


Degrees of Curls available are:

J: Subtle

B: Lash lift

C: Strong

D: Dramatic

L: Vertical lift

The stronger the curl, the more impact it has in the frontal view, and appears longer even in the same length.


Different Lengths available:

  • 6 mm to 8 mm: Short

  • 9 mm to 12 mm: Medium

  • 13 mm to 14 mm: Long

  • 15 mm and above – Extra Long

The most popular sizes are 9 mm - 12 mm. Longer lashes are not usually ideal not unless your natural lashes are already long and strong to begin with.


Volume Options:

  • Classic: 60 to 100 lash extensions each eye.

  • Volume: 300 to 600 plus lash extensions each eye.

If you want a fuller look and better longevity, you can add more lash extensions. However, the thicker set would need more time to be applied.


Different Thickness options include:

  • 0.07 mm 

  • 0.10 mm 

  • 0.12 mm 

  • 0.15 mm 

  • 0.18 mm 

  • 0.20 mm

  • 0.23 mm

  • 0.25 mm

  • 0.30 mm

0.20 mm and above thickness are being taken out from the lash industry globally since they are very heavy for most natural eyelashes to carry or support.


Follow these tips for the aftercare or what you should AVOID within the first 24 to 48 hours:

  • Don’t get them wet

  • Excessive steam and heat

  • Airbrush or spray tanning


The following weakens the adhesive bond:

  • Excessive friction

  • Excessive use of oil-based products

  • Waterproof cosmetics

  • Excessive use of mascara

  • Heated or mechanical curlers

  • Pulling or picking on eyelashes

  • Excessive rubbing of eyes

  • Showering directly unto your eyes

  • Chemical treatments


To prevent damage to your extensions, care should be given when applying the following on your face:

  • Chemical peels that are strong

  • Facial massages and treatments

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do eyelash extension last?

Your natural lashes have a growth cycle and this can weaken the glue holding the lash extension on your natural eyelash which will also dissolve over time.

Lash extensions, if properly applied can last up to six weeks, and as the weeks progress, the applied extensions will gradually shed.

How much does it cost?   

The average cost for a full-set lash extension ranges from $100 to $300 or more. It will vary on the number of eyelash extension strands needed. Volume lashes are more costly than classic lashes.

Can you put mascara on?             

The beauty of lash extensions is not to wear mascara all the time, plus cleaning it can be time-consuming.

How do you shower after the treatment?

You can shower by avoiding direct water or liquid contact on your extensions such as staying in a sauna, washing or showering your face.

Why Choose Perky Lash?

Here in Perky Lash, we care, and we make sure you experience only the best eyelash treatment with anti-allergy protection; 25% longer-lasting and Zero lashes damage!     

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