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Lash extension is easily customisable with a variety of curls and designs depending on your needs and preferences. Natural look with Gorgeous Unlimited Single Lash and opt for Party or Queen Volume for a more dramatic effect.

​If you are tired of putting your false lashes every single day, then having eyelash extensions will make a huge difference in your beauty routine, this is your semi-permanent solution! Feel beautiful and wonderful 24/7 with your hassle-free lash extensions.

What is it?

Eyelash extensions are comparable to falsies, but the main difference is the type of lash being used. We only use the best and finest pieces of silk, mink or synthetic hairs that will be attached to your natural eyelashes. Waking up every day looking like a glammed up doll even without makeup is an ultimate must-have for beauty enthusiasts, cutting the routine time in half!


Time Duration of the Procedure

It depends on the type of lash extension service, but it typically can last about two hours. It involves cleaning and preparing your natural lashes to make sure that there won’t be any makeup or mascara left. Then one by one, the lash extension will meticulously be attached to your lash line using a glue specially made for this type of treatment. It’s safe, zero damage and non-irritant.


Tips to extend the lifespan of your extensions:

­Before the procedure:

· Don’t show up with full makeup on your face since it will be removed before the procedure.

· You can ask for a patch test to ensure that you don’t have any allergic reactions to adhesives.


After the procedure:

  • Don’t get your new lash extensions wet for 24 to 48 hours.

  • Don’t use oily products like eye creams, oil-based makeup removers, and facial oils for a while. Stay away from waterproof mascara as well.

  • Avoid tugging and rubbing them.

  • To separate them, use a spoolie.

  • Sleep on your back to avoid having your extensions all wonky.

Gorgeous Eyelash Extension (1D - Mega Volume)