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Perky Lash offers Collagen Lash Lift & Keratin Tint Treatments to enhance your natural lashes.Collagen lash lift is a type of professional lash treatment that can extend, perm and lift your natural eyelashes. A special collagen is used to shine, nourish and strengthen your eyelashes.


The process takes about 1 hour, and your curled up lashes could last for about 1 month which will also depend on the condition of your natural lashes.


The procedure is mild, effective and safe. We don’t use strong chemicals that can cause eyelashes to become weak and fizzy.


Steps involved:

The area around your eyes will be thoroughly disinfected and cleansed.

Safe lifting solution will then be gently applied to your eyelashes using a tiny brush. A curling rod will also be used depending on the type of curl you prefer to achieve your most desired look. The lifting solution is applied about 2 to 3 rounds in every 10 minutes.

Finally, the curling rod will be removed, and your lashes will be cleansed. To strengthen your lashes, a layer of conditioning cream will be applied.


Your curled eyelashes can make your eyes bigger and brighter. You don’t need any effort at all to take care of them, and you can apply mascara on your eyelashes quickly and easily too.

Collagen Lash Lift + Keratin Tint