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Truth about LED Lash Extension

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Heard of LED Lash Extension but not quite sure what the buzz is about? Let us break it down for you!

LED Lash Extension uses the latest lash extension technology, where LED Light is used to strengthen the bond between the glue and the lashes. This means that LED Lash Extension still uses glue, but it's much better than the traditional glue, we will tell you why.

What are benefits of LED Lash Extension?

LED Lash Extension does not irritates the eyes, as the glue dries immediately and the glue vapor does not activate even after a shower or exposure to high heat.

The amazing instant drying result allows customers with sensitive/allergic eyes to do lash extensions without any discomfort and enjoy the augmented eyelashes for longer.

But that's not all! LED Glue used in this lash extension is more durable compared to the traditional glues, allowing the lashes to stay longer than traditional lash extensions.

Why LED Lash Extensions? Benefits

Is LED Lash Extension safe for the eyes?

Absolutely. LED light falls under non-ionizing radiation, which means it lacks the energy to cause cellular damage or ionize atoms and molecules. This makes LED therapy completely safe, especially for the delicate eye area.

Additionally, lash extension adhesives cured with LED light focus on specific wavelengths within the visible light spectrum. Rest assured, these wavelengths pose no risk to your eyes, ensuring a comfortable and secure experience throughout the application process.

Worth noting, LED light sources produce minimal heat, eliminating risks of burns or discomfort when used in close proximity to the eyes.

LED Lash Extension is definitely the best choices because of its safe and comfortable adhesive, instant drying, non-irritating, and long lasting result. Book your LED Lash Extension now on the Perky Lash App!

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